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Green Technology Research Center
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Green Technology Research Center, Chang Gung University set approach 
96.10.18 school meeting, 
The first, The school needs to engage in green energy and environmental technology research and development, pursuant to the provisions of organizational rules of the school, set up a "Green Technology Research Centre" (hereinafter referred to as "the Centre"). 
Article 2 The central task as follows: 
(1) The effective use of school faculties and research centers that study human and prospective green energy and environmental technology research and related fields to cultivate talents. 
(2) The Court accepts external commissioned and executed green energy and environmental technology research project related to the application. 
(3) Handling of green energy and environmental technology-related education, training and seminars and other activities. 
(4) To promote inter-school exchanges green energy technology and environmental technology. 
(5) To provide green energy and environmental technology-related professional and technical advisory services. 
(6) Irregularly convened a committee to review the status of implementation of project deliverables and business. 
Article III, The center is positioned as the school / college level research centers, research work is interdisciplinary nature, the need for programs or activities may, in accordance combining school faculties and equipment related professionals, working together to participate. 
Article IV, The Centre may, based research task requires, the research team divided, for each of the relevant issues. 
Article V, The center director, and one for the overall management center operations. Choose a suitable candidate by the principal any more of full-time teachers on school professor rank order of the three-year term, renewable once. The research team recommended by the Director of the Centre convener school full-time Assistant Professor (ormore) people, and submitted to the principal's consent. 

Article The Centre set up an Advisory Committee to hire domestic green energy and environmental scholars and experts in science and technology as a member, convener of the committee members chosen jointly. 
Article VII Task Advisory Committee is as follows: 
(1) To assist in planning the future direction of the forward-looking green energy and environmental technology research. 
(2) To help promote the business center. 
(3) As a research project in the center of the review, and examination centers of research results (Measures Attachment). 
Article VIII The Centre shall within one month after the end of each research proposal and submit annual research report, as the annual performance appraisal policy and the basis for annual accounting periods beginning a month ago. 
Article IX This approach was adopted by the school principal after the announcement of the implementation of the approved, likewise, no time to express the matter shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations when correcting school.