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Green Technology Research Center
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2014 International Green Products Exhibition
國際綠色產品展 - 綠色產品、綠色科技、綠色服務
In recent years, energy conservation and environmental awareness strongly advocated, Chang Gung University is committed to research in the  green technology, and the establishment of green technology research center.
The center of the effective use of university departments and research centers research manpower, prospective green energy and environmental technology research, fostering scientific and technological personnel in related fields.
ECO-PRODUCTS International Fair from green to green technology center "Solar-Cell Group" research "Solid-state lighting group", "Intelligent Enery Management Group" and "Portable Enery Sysem Group" as well as professors and teachers, Chang Gung Opto latest technology published, many teachers operation of specialists study published that venue to ask and interested crowd constantly, also took a great opportunity to share a great green energy and environmental technology and promoting technical knowledge of the university's green technology.