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Green Technology Research Center
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renewable Energy and Intelligent Energy Management Group
Status Description:
    Intelligent Energy management, the group is mainly focus on integration of the center of power electronics, control theory and control chip design, the energy conversion efficiency of alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar and other natural power generation system to maximize and improve its electricity quality. In a recent research results and reports, Chang Gung University campuses have been used in the geographical advantage and high terrain in Linkou Plateau drop the average speed of 6-7 m / s wind resources, build a total capacity of 10 kW single-crystal Silicon solar array and 6.5 kW wind generator sets. In addition, since the output voltage and current of the solar cell or wind conditions will be as sunshine and load changes and fluctuations, sometimes very far from the maximum power point resulting in low power generation efficiency, in order to solve this problem, the program is also planning design The maximum power point tracking and control circuit, high-speed and high-resolution tracking energy converter IC fluctuated, the output power of the power generating system to maximize effectiveness. Taiwan is currently in a mature technology and a sound development of the semiconductor industry, the electronics industry, due to the solar cell manufacturing technology and process technology is similar to the semiconductor industry, this research will make Taiwan a head start as early as possible in the solar photovoltaic industry, to obtain lead. On the other hand, the group was in graduate research equipment to inject funds have more than one million yuan. Related research topics contain reactive power compensation, motor field oriented vector control, unbalanced three-phase system compensates for wind and solar hybrid power technology, battery charging system balanced, active filters and power line carrier communication signal. The research results have been published in internationally renowned journals, in addition to a number of domestic and foreign patents outside, also repeatedly come to the fore in the paper competition. On the training of graduate students, the group focused on the theory and practice of cross-checked, strengthen students' professional skills and knowledge and ability to enhance the future competitiveness in the job market. The team's recent research results "for wind solar power system as much as the maximum power saving mode Tracking Chips" has two consecutive from "Digital Time Magazine" reported that the private academic institutions only get the magazine reported.