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長庚大學 綠色科技研究中心




#5488(office) #5491(Lab)






  • 英國伯明罕大學 化工博士 1998-2001
    國立臺灣大學 化工學士 1991-1995


  • 長庚大學化工與材料工程系(所)教授2012-
    Kyushu University, Japan  Visiting Professor 2012 summer
    Advanced Powder Technology (SCI Journal) Editor 2009-
    長庚大學化工與材料工程系(所)副教授 2007-2012
    長庚大學技術合作處創新育成中心 主任 2005-2010
    長庚大學化工與材料工程系(所)助理教授 2002-2007
    國立臺灣大學化工系 博士後研究員 2002-2002




  • 粉體特徵分析






1.      The best-contributed editor in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 for SCI Journal Advanced Powder Technology (IF= 1.650, The Society of Powder Technology, Japan)

2.      International Organizing Committee, 5th and 6th Asian Particle Technology Symposium

3.      Local Organizing Committee, 3rd Asian Conference on Innovative Energy and Environmental Chemical Engineering (ASCON-IEEChE 2012), 11-14 Nov., 2012, Taiwan

4.      Symposium Chair, 2013 Taiwan-Japan Joint Symposium on Mixing Technology, 4-5 March 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

5.      Scientific Committee, PARTEC 2013, 23-25th April 2013, Nuremberg, Germany

6.      Guest lecturer, Summer Seminar on Mixing in Japan, 26-27 August, 2013, Tokyo, Japan (Japanese-side funding)

7.      Guest lecturer, 22th Nisshin Engineering Particle Technology International Seminar (NEPTIS-22), 24 February, 2014, Tokyo, Japan. (Japanese-side funding)

8.      Editorial board member, Geosystem Engineering (publication of the Korean Society for Geosystem Engineering, indexed in Scopus, Geobase and EI Compendex)

9.      Seminar Organizer, 2014 Taiwan-Japan Joint Symposium on Particle Technology, 22 September, 2014, CGU, Taiwan


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