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About Center for Green Technology

    In recent years, Chang-Gung University actively engaged in promoting the research of green energy and the establishment of “Green Technology Research Center (GTRC) in accordance with the provisions of the school's organizational rules and settings. The purpose of GTRC includes conducting a prospective foster green energy and technology professionals in the related fields, handling green energy-related education, training, seminars and other activities, promoting the exchange of inter-school’s technologies and providing related professional and technical advisory services by using the faculties and research center’s humen. The main points of development includes the process technologies of solar cells, light-emitting diodes, solid-state lighting and green energy. There are four planning departments under the GTRC, such as "solar energy group","lighting technology group","smart energy group", and a new "portable energy group" created in 2013. The members of center are composed of professors with special professionals coming from the departments of optoelectronics, electrical, electronics, and chemical material. They contributed individually their wisdom to increase the useful results year by year and make the substantial progress in R&D. Since the GTRC was established, each research group can be gradually expanded the requirements of software and hardware supported from the sufficient school’s funds. However, the research energy of GTRC  is improved gradually and keeps going.